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Glossary terms about Scanner

The part of the microscope used to move the probe. Often a piezoelectric element which must control position at the nanometre level.

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AFM calibration methods
AFM imaging of surfaces
AFM imaging: Interactions between the probe and sample
As the probe tip scans the surface at this close distance, a feedback system to the piezoelectric scanner raises and lowers the sample to keep a constant repulsive force between the tip and the sample surface. 
AFM probe modification
AFM: Background information
Either the probe or sample is mounted on a piezoelectric scanner which can move in the x,y, and z directions, and is used to raster scan the probe across the sample surface to acquire an image in 3 dimensions. 
Contact mode
A feedback loop maintains a constant deflection between the cantilever and the sample by vertically (z) moving the scanner at each (x,y) data point. 
Measuring forces in the tip-sample space
Scanner artefacts
Piezoelectric elements in scanners are used to position the probe tip relative to the sample surface at the nanometer scale with great accuracy. 
Specimen choice
The AFM piezoelectric scanners are usually limited to a maximum vertical movement of approximately five microns with a maximum x-y range of 100 x 100 microns.